Know about teenage parenting


 Teenage is a transition state of a child to the youth inexpensive double stroller. Most people always take it as an awkward but beautiful time in their life. This is the time they need love, guidance, and support from parents. It is a time when the body of the child undergoes different changes physically emotionally and socially. These changes are all part of their adolescence and these changes bring anxiety and trouble to the child-parent relationship. Hence the child feels insecure and starts revolting against the boundaries set by the parents. Parenting a teenager needs great patience and endurance.


The first thing you have to do is to teach about puberty and sex. As a mother, you can talk to your child about puberty and adolescence. What changes will it bring to their life?. Give a chance for the child to ask doubts. It is good if the school takes an initiative to give the much-needed sex education rather than keeping it a Taboo. if you don’t help the child with this, chances are more to get involved in risk and the social media is offering all that the child needs to know and know not.Real Tough Love: It's going to be harder on YOU than it is on them - Thrive Training Consulting


Being a Rebel


 Another change you can expect from a teenager is trying to keep himself odd thinking that they have reached a grown-up stage but they are not included in the group of adults, they are also not accepted by the kids Baby Journey blog. It is a tough time for them because they cannot relate to the kiddos nor with the youth. Parents should help them to get along and to do things that are ok but save your No for the things that matter.


Know your child’s mind


 A sudden change in the behaviour of a teenager is a dangerous indication that the child is at risk. If you find your child acting differently for almost one month expect a change in his behaviour which is not desirable. Proper counselling and guidance is needed for the child to find out the real problem. This is a time they start seeking an escape into an imaginary world. So it is usual that a parent feeling that her child is getting separated from her.

Parenting teenagers & looking after you | Raising Children Network


Monitor what he or she watches


The Internet allows children to get lots of information both good and bad. You cannot avoid this as everything happens online but whatever is it never allow them to do these activities related to social media in a private room away from your sight. Fix a time for their usage. This may help the child from falling to victim of internet addiction. What they watch in internet will remain for days and this may in turn affect their studies. So it’s better to monitor them when they are on screen.


 Finally, make your rules together


Ask your teenager to set rules for him or her. Let them schedule the timetable by themselves and you can have a check on that and encourage the child to follow the schedules as per they wish.